Collage Paint

Handmade Watercolors

  • Spring Sixteen Wood Palette, a handmade, refillable watercolor palette for plein air painting
  • QUARTERPANS LARGE PALETTE of 16 Handmade Watercolor Paints
  • HANDMADE WATERCOLORS in SHELLS Artisanal Paints in a New Tin
  • Torrey's Peak Set, a bottle cap set of handmade watercolor paint in a new tin
  • PRIMARIES and EARTHS PALETTE 9 Handmade Watercolors in a Tin
  • The Starry Night Studio Set, a handmade watercolor set featuring 13 colors
  • CHRISTMAS SEASON TIN Surprise Handmade Art Supplies in a Tin
  • The Winter Cabin Deluxe Palette, a palette of 9 colors of handmade watercolor paint in a new tin
  • Golden Rainbow Gems Palette, a new super shimmery palette of handmade watercolor paint
  • The Snowflake Gift Set, a special wintry gift with crystals, essential oils, watercolors and more for your favorite artist
  • Fresh Air Studio Set, palettes of handmade watercolor paint in handmade wood boxes
  • Semi Precious Handmade Watercolor In A Butter Dish, Fine Professional Paint, Half Pans